American Couples Series

Tennessee Northeast 2017 Schedule

Danny Presley -

2017 Schedule

Date/Results Lake/Info Ramp Register
10/29/2016 Melton Hill Melton Hill Dam
03/04/2017 Chickamauga Dayton Ramp
03/25/2017 Ft. Loudon/Tellico Popler Springs
04/08/2017 Watts Bar Blue Springs
04/29/2017 Douglas Dam
05/20/2017 Melton Hill Melton Hill Dam
06/03/2017 Watts Bar Blue Springs
06/24/2017 Ft. Loudon/Tellico Popler Springs
07/15/2017 Watts Bar Blue Springs




Division News

- Misty Lewis and Rusty Satterfield Win on Melton Hill

- David Presley Nets a Win

- Heather and Jason Ashley Win Big

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Entry Fees:
Division: $100 Boater Per Team
Ray Scott Cup - No Entry Fee

Divisional News

Misty Lewis and Rusty Satterfield Win on Melton Hill


By: Kathy Smith

Athens, Al. Misty Lewis and Rusty Satterfield won the American Bass Anglers - event on out of with 9.65 pounds.

Pulling into the parking lot I was glad to be off the road. The fog was so thick at times during the early morning drive. Looking out at the lake I could see that the boat ride would be no different. 
The recent rains combined with the warmer temperatures made for a slow start. However, teams were able to make it to their nearest destinations and fish until the visibility was better. Cold waters from Norris had recently dropped the water temperature from 60s to low 50s. 
Our first place winners, Misty Lewis and Rusty Satterfield, say there was no real pattern and we just lucked up and caught good fish. This included Rusty's nice small mouth bass that also won him Men's Big Fish. With 9.65 pounds which included Rusty's 3.34 pound bass, this couple won $500!

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David Presley Nets a Win


By: Kathy Smith

Many teams arrived early to visit with everyone on this windy March morning. Despite the wind, a few couples raced to their honey holes 30 minutes away. For David Presley, that paid off. Fishing alone, David brought in 20.96 pounds of bass. Beating the next team by just over 1 pound, David won $315. 

Our second place couple was Heather and Jason Ashley. This team who also knew where the fish were hanging out weighed in 19.93 pounds and won $210.
The big fish were brought in by members of the first and second place teams. David with 5.22 pounds and Heather with 5.28 pounds both walked away with another check. 
Temperatures rose to the low 40s while the water temperature was around 52 degrees. Fish were caught on A-Rigs and jigs. Everyone is looking forward to warmer temperatures, hopefully at our next tournament on April 18. After the weigh-in was finished, several of Division 9 members dined together and discussed clothing layers, work, fishing and more. 

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Heather and Jason Ashley Win Big

March 7, 2015 - Ft. Loudoun/Tellico

By: Kathy Smith
Three weeks of very cold weather didn't stop eight couples from trying their best this past weekend. Bundled up, they started out in 19 degree and overcast skies. Fishing was tough, even for the winning couple. However, Heather's fish weighing 1.44 pounds won this couple $635 which included lady's big fish. 
Other participating couples include:
Brenda and David Presley
Bonnie and Shannon Johnson
Missy and Dale Presley
Rita and Jim Stout
Misty Lewis and Rusty Satterfield
Leslie and Andrew Presley
Kathy Smith and Danny Presley

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